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Warnow Liner GmbH – A genuine manufactory

Each and every type of liner produced in our facilities is characterized not only by weather and UV resistance, but above all by a high degree of quality workmanship. The raw material, the liners, are sourced from German manufacturers. Since 1990 this has ensured us the consistent quality that you expect of a good pool liner and of our other products.

Lagoon The manufacture of a swimming pool liner requires a great deal of space, and we have it. This makes it possible for us to easily assemble even the largest liners. Depending on the type of pool, assembly means cutting the liner to size, welding it together, fitting it with piping, checking and packing it for shipment to you, the customer or dealer.
Pearl Lagoon Every pool liner is produced with exquisite craftsmanship. The size of our products and the flexible material used in them, as well as other reasons, rule out automated production. Years of experience make our craftspeople experts in their field.


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